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French Immersion

Ms. Boos with Bonhomme during Westhaven's Winter Carnival

École Westhaven School’s French Immersion Program provides students with the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge to become bilingual in French. Students also have the opportunity to experience rich French culture throughout the year, especially during Francophonie month (mois de la francophonie) and our winter carnival. 

Children enrolled in French Immersion at École Westhaven School will develop their knowledge and understanding of French from Kindergarten through to Grade 5. 

There are many advantages learning a second language at an early age. Here are some advantages:

  • Help to improve the child's cognitive skills such as reading and problem-solving.
  • Help to develop the child creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Learn to adapt better to different circumstances now and in the future.
  • Help learning other languages.
  • Enrich their experiences by being exposed to more culture (28 French speaking countries) and broaden their global view.
  • Increase their appreciation for other cultures.
  • Increase their educational/job opportunities.
  • Open their mind to the diversity of their own country.
  • Improve their communication skills.

An important part of our French Immersion program is our Canadian Parents for French (CPF) -  Edson Chapter. CPF offers resources and programing for parents whose children are enrolled in French Immersion in Edson. This parent group focuses on supporting the program and bringing events to the community

For more information, please call the school at 780-723-3397.