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Audra Bowman

Grade 3 / Music

Dear Parents,

I know that these are stressful times and you are feeling discombobulated like everyone around you. Fear not I have some ideas that may help you keep your children occupied and learning…

There are many learning APPS that you can download:

Math (Grades K-2):


Math Shaker

Bugs and Numbers

Math (Grades 3-5):

Math Ninja


Touch Math Adventures

Science (Grades K-2):

Kid Weather

Animals HD

Body Organs 4 Kids

Science (Grades 3-5):

The Ultimate Dinopedia

Britannica Kids: Volcanoes

A Life Cycle App

Engineering (Grades K-2):


Build a Ship with Kate and Harry

Crayons Physics Deluxe

Engineering (Grades 3-5):

Phy210S Studio

Blocks by mSoft

Go Car Go

Technology (Grades K-2):

Move the Turtle


Daisy the Dinosaur

Technology (Grades 3-5):


Scratch Maze

Tap Typing

This next list are websites that you and your child can check out together…

Language Arts:

Storylineonline.net       Story books read to you by different actors.





Math Playground

Splash Learn

Math Game Time

Khan Academy


Discovery Mindblown

NASA Kids Club

Amazing Space

Code Academy

How Stuff Works

Social Studies:

Google Earth

Crash Course (You Tube)

National Geographic Kids

Smithsonian for Kids


Brain Pop

Ted Talks (Make sure they are kid friendly)

PBS Kids

Duolingo - great time to learn a new language

Hello Kids (drawing)

Podcasts - WOW! In the World      These look really good! Check out the one on bee spit!!!

Have your child keep a journal. We only get better at writing by practicing and this would be the easiest activity for you to do at home with them.

Your child should be reading for at least 30 minutes every day just like they do at school.

Cooking and Baking are great ways to learn math - measurement, adding, subtracting…

Build with lego, blocks, or sew something - all good for brain development.

Don’t forget to get outside and play in the snow and get some fresh air.

I miss all my little kiddos but I hope you are enjoying your time at home. I hope the above helps in your day to day learning. As we learn more from the school division about how to support you I will be in touch.

Toodles,Mrs. B.